Take This Waltz Script, Story of Adult’s Sensitive Relationship

Tuesday, May 29th 2012. | Comedy, Drama, Script PDF

Take This Waltz script PDF

Take This Waltz Script, Story of Adult’s Sensitive Relationship

Take This Waltz script is a script film of the same name that is written by Sarah Polley. She also plays as the director when the filming production of the Take This Waltz script is processed. This film is a Canadian 2011 film.

Take This Waltz Script and Background

Magnolia Pictures is the studio of the film. The film was released in June 29th, 2012. This film is a dark comedy and love drama genre. The film is starred by Seth Rogen, Sarah Liverman, Michelle Williams, and Luke Kirby. The film was released on September 11, 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival.
The story introduced Margot, played by Michelle Williams, a twenty-eight-years-old freelance writer who was married happily to Lou, an author of good-natured cookbook, played by Seth Rogen. Then, when Daniel, a handsome artist who was living across the street, played by Luke Kirby, met Margot, they could not deny their mutual attraction. In short, this film is bittersweet, warmly human, and funny. The Take This Waltz movie avoids the clichés of romance and draws an unusual portrait that is true and sentimental relationship of the adults. After all, this Take This Waltz Script story is rated good.

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